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Core values

We are fully cognizant of the fact that we are financed by our sponsors. At Ramz Punjabi, we are guided in our functioning by the following basic principles.


  • To be a trustworthy and independent source of information
  • To be impartial, accurate and honest
  • To be a reliable and responsible partner of the public
  • All of our activities are subject to strict ethical guidelines
  •  To maintain the integrity of our sponsors


  • To pay maximum attention to quality in all our activities
  • To strive for a civil discourse in our content and various forms of communication
  • To ensure that we produce consistently high levels of content and forms of communication
  • No compromise on the quality of services provided to our Radio Clients


  • To respect our listeners and pay attention to their needs, opinions, wishes, and requests
  • Delivering on our promises and commitments with our sponsors


  • To provide a varied offering of programs that cover all relevant viewpoints
  • To also cover subjects and genres that commercial media routinely overlook

To provide the public with impartial, balanced and quality programming and content

  • To provide listeners and users and balanced, quality and varied programming content, primarily focused on information, education, culture and entertainment
  • To cover a diverse array of subjects, genres, and forms of programming and content
  • To offer programming to all sections of the society, taking into account varied age-groups, ethnicities, nationalities, social groups, faith, as well as gender, sexual orientation, culture, artistic direction, regional and local factors, political and philosophical beliefs and also levels of education
  • Having the courage to express our opinions & taking personal responsibility for our actions

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